Israel: Day 16

Ok, so I may be a little bit more critical today than usually.

I was thinking what activity I could do today, as the Jewish holiday of Shavuot starts tonight, so just like on Shabbat, buses stop running and stores, museums, etc. close around 2-3ish.

Inspired by the positive reviews on Trip Advisor (fake news!), I decided I would visit the Monastery of the Cross, which is not far away from my place, only like 35 minutes of walk.

So I got there, and I paid my 15 NIS entrance fee. The gentleman who was manning the entire place couldn’t speak English well but he told me that everything was written in both English and Russian, which technically wasn’t wrong but…

So this is apparently “everything”

If “everything” means one single sign, then yes, everything was in English and Russian. In my humble opinion, if you have people pay money to visit the place, and if you have a “museum” sign on the door, then I would expect maybe some notes, explanations, or a little map.

The “exhibition” consisted of cca 10 rooms max, most of them fairly empty. I was the only visitor at the time as well, so as I was walking into the small underground rooms by myself, well, I am not going to lie, I was scared as the whole atmosphere was a bit creepy. Some doors were open, and some were closed, so I figured the open ones were part of the exhibition. The closed doors, well, I wasn’t sure if I should try opening them. After I saw the other rooms, I was very quickly done, so I was just thinking is this it? (this is why you should have a museum map, so that people know where they can go or otherwise label the doors properly). In the end I tried opening one of them, it made a horrible noise, so I jumped in fear and let it go (I felt like I was part of the Hostel movie…). I don’t want to say that the place was completely awful, I think the monastery building was actually quite pretty and old, and there’s some interesting background, but it feels very empty. Apart from the nice building and some decorations, there’s not much to it.

I spent less than 15 minutes there, so that’s one shekel per minute…Money not well spent. Perhaps I just should have bought some chocolate instead.


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