Israel: Day 21

I will start by saying that now I only have 14 nights left in Tel Aviv. Not sure how I will survive them though.
Last night I did not sleep well, which is an understatement. First, I was slightly (again, an understatement) annoyed by a fellow hostel roommate. He was telling another guy how he “should f*** some chicks”, which was a long, five minutes speech, and then after that he turned to me and said: “oh sorry, I didn’t see you”. It seems that I have a new skill to add to my cv then, invisibility! Then he made a call, and rather than taking it privately, he put it on the speakerphone, well because, why not. He also shared with us, although nobody asked, that he spends 1,000 shekels a day. He came back this morning, and started blasting music on the speakers at 8am. When he told me he was leaving today, I was so thrilled!
Anyway, the night was terrible, the door is squeaky, so every time someone opened it, it woke me up, and so did the light from the reception. The worst thing though was that everyone snored so loudly. I thought I would cry! The only positive is that I didn’t fall down from the top bunk. Today I got it sorted to have the bottom bunk for the rest of my stay, which I hope is going to make some difference.
This morning my first destination was a pharmacy, as I desperately needed to buy earplugs, as unfortunately, I forgot mine at home.
I walked past a few doggie parks/playgrounds on my way there, and it made me so happy! All the dogs were so happy, running around and chasing each other, they were having so much fun! Bella would love it! I could also see dogs at the beach, again Bella would love that (every year we go to Italy, where Bella can go to a special “Doggy beach”).
My first serious destination was the Lehi museum (also kudos to the Apple maps for sending me to a completely different location, the actual place was two streets away!! ).
It was a rather small museum, and I walked it in less than an hour, even though I was walking and reading very slowly. It was quite interesting, the museum itself is the same house where the Lehi leader, Abraham Stern, was killed by the British.
I wish the museum was a bit bigger, it’s such an interesting part of the history, so they could have elaborated on that. But otherwise it was really interesting. Fun fact, the only visitors were myself, two guys, and 120 soldiers.
After this, I went to the Hagana museum. Also, it didn’t take me more than an hour to walk around the entire museum, again very slowly, and it also included a 20 min movie. Again, I think it was very interesting, but there could have been so much more stuff included.
After this, I walked around a bit, and went to a park, where I connected to a free wi-fi and spoke to my family on FaceTime for over an hour, which was really nice, as it’s not something I can comfortably do at the hostel without disturbing other people.
Feeling homesick, I decided to grab dinner at place called “Little Prague”, ok, it’s not like home home, but Czech republic is fairly close, so it still counts.
I’m hoping I can sleep well at night, after last night, I am feeling completely exhausted. I hope the earplugs I’ve bought will help!

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