Israel: Day 25

10 nights to go in Tel Aviv! I was the only female in our dorm again last night, but the snoring got a bit better, although I still feel mildly sleep deprived.
Today I went to city Rishon LeZion for half a day.
I walked to the Tel Aviv central bus station, asked at the information desk where to go, got lost anyway but then fortunately found my gate and the right bus service. Even more, I got off at the right bus stop!
I was so pleased with myself that I bought myself some nice gelato as a reward, and almost immediately got some of it on my iPhone, which is still fairly sticky. I am simply one of a kind…
Rishon LeZion seems like a very nice modern city! I have seen some very nice looking apartment buildings. It was so hot there though! What I often do is that I don’t drink enough liquids during the day. Combine that with walking 7 km in super hot weather, and it’s a guaranteed catastrophe.

At one point I was convinced I was going to pass out and got really scared what would happen if I just passed out, so I decided to cut my trip short and went to the bus stop.
(First I grabbed a coke from the first shop I saw, the owner and everyone in the shop spoke Russian, I also heard Russian on the streets, and indeed, I found out that Rishon LeZion was founded by immigratns from the Russian Empire back in 19th century).
I got on the bus, and once I got to the Tel Aviv bus station, I grabbed more liquids, but when I got back to the hostel, I still felt very weak and on verge of throwing up and passing out, and it got as far as double vision. I think it’s safe to say that I got a sunstroke. I have learnt my lession, and next time I will drink plenty of liquid no matter what happens, and I will just not care about not being able to find a bathroom, in the end it may be better to have your bladder explode rather than pass out from the heat!
In conclusion, I love Israel, I love the people, but I don’t think I could ever live here, as the weather is clearly trying to kill me. This is why winter is my favourite season, I love snow, I love when it’s minus 20, and I think penguins are my spirit animals!


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