Israel: Day 50

The temperature reached 37’C today, so I made a rational choice and stayed at home, which was probably a good thing, as situation in the flat today was rather chaotic. My airbnb host and her daughter left today to spend summer in Germany, but before they left, my host was doing all kinds of stuff, like packing her suitcase, getting the other bedrooms ready for guests who will come here during the summer, and she was also cleaning the flat and doing laundry. After I finished some thesis stuff which I then finally sent to my supervisors, around mid-day I left the sanctuary of my room to ask my host if I could help her with anything. So I helped her hang some laundry, wash some dishes, finish getting the other guest rooms ready as she was nowhere near finishing – not at all – she even put a new batch in the washing machine 15 minutes before she left.

Anyway, they left at 1pm, and now I am the only guest in the flat until Saturday when I am joined by some woman from Germany. It’s quite nice to have some peace and quiet, on the other hand, I feel that I may be in minority if there are any more roaches. I’ve sprayed the roach poison around the place just to be sure (my eyes are getting a bit itchy…) and I’m just praying that I won’t see any more roaches. Ever.


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