Israel: Day 62

The weekend’s over now but I would say this was a good one! This morning I was writing my thesis, and I was actually quite productive, I also managed to do laundry (how exciting!), in the afternoon I felt exhausted from the heat so I took a nap and in the evening the German girl and I went to the Haas promenade.

The Haas promenade isn’t too far away from the flat we are staying at, it takes cca 45 minutes on foot. I was so glad she suggested we go there, because the views are just SPECTACULAR. I’ve been in love with Jerusalem for a while now, and this only confirmed my love for the city. It was already twilight when we got there, and the city and its buildings were glittering in the dark. Together with the surroundings (my biology knowledge is really poor – I think those were pine trees?), the atmosphere was quite magical and I felt like I was a part of some biblical story. I later found on the Internet that according to Jewish legend, it was from the location of today’s promenade that God showed Abraham where one day his descendants would build their holy city.




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