Israel: Day 72

I did not sleep well at all last night, my room felt like a furnace again, I kept tossing and turning, and only fell asleep around midnight. At 3am I was already wide awake though, and I couldn’t fall asleep again. I gave up all my pointless attempts to fall asleep and in the morning I set off to the city centre. As I am getting very sentimental, today I visited area I have already been to. I walked around some places in the city centre thinking how much I am going to miss these places and wondering when I will come back. In the afternoon I went opposite direction towards Talpiot neighbourhood. All I say is that I am going to miss the city very much. I also asked some of my local acquaintances if they think it is safe to go back to the Old City and they said yes, so I hope they are right as tomorrow I want to go to the Old City one last time before I leave Israel.


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