Israel: Day 73

I did a little bit of packing in the morning, then I cleaned my room, so hopefully it looks okay-ish enough for the next person to move in after I leave.  And today my family received a little surprise from me, and I hope they like it!


In the afternoon I went to the Old City, as I wanted to see the Western Wall one more time before I leave Israel. I was worried a bit, as several embassies recommended to avoid the Old City due to ongoing tensions. Yet, I went there, and I was so glad to be there again, however, I didn’t spend too much time in the Old City and was rushing to leave as I am really paranoid at this point.

Also, two months have passed since I visited the Western Wall for the first time, a lot of stuff has happened, yet, some things don’t change, I still suck at taking selfies!

After I left the Old City, I went up Yaffo road to meet with the German girl from my flat. We had dinner at one nice restaurant and laughed and talked a lot (one of the hot topics included complaints about the couple who is also living in the flat right now, and whose hygienic standards are more than questionable, e.g. how difficult is it to flush the toilet after number two?! They are driving us nuts).


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