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I am a third year PhD student at the University of Nottingham, School of Politics and International Relations. I hold an integrated Masters degree (MSci) in International Relations & Global Issues from the University of Nottingham. Before I started my PhD, I had worked at a software company based in Wales.

When I was eight years old I kept telling everyone I would once become the UN Secretary General, I’m still waiting for the job offer.

I started learning English when I was eight (and yet, I still cannot use definite and indefinite articles properly), and I later attended bilingual English-Slovak grammar school, mainly because I wanted to read the Lord of the Rings in English. I love learning languages (but I always make the same mistake and after reaching a certain level, I stop practicing and then forget most of it), I could speak Spanish fluently (I took Spanish classes for six years), I could also speak some decent Arabic in the past (I took Arabic classes for six semesters), and I also studied Hebrew for nine months and French for very long three weeks. IMG_5962

I hold a 2nd kyu brown belt in Shotokan karate, which I train at least three times a week during term time, I also love reading Stephen King’s novels, binge-watching tv shows, but above all, I love my family and my dachshund Bella.




The views expressed on this blog are my personal views and do not reflect views of my institution. The posts and opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own.


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