Israel: Day 1

Today was a very, very long day, and I feel absolutely exhausted.

In Slovakia I don’t live anywhere near the capital city, so I was forced to wake up at 3am to get to the Bratislava airport on time. My family, amazing as they always are, came to see me off, including my dachshund Bella, who was pretty upset about me leaving (quite sulky too as she refused to give me a kiss).

In Bratislava I caught a plane to Prague, where I waited for a connecting flight to Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion Airport is absolutely beautiful and huge, although the passport check queue I was stuck in for almost an hour was a bit less beautiful…

After this, I spent an hour in a shared taxi to Jerusalem, looking out of the window and admiring what I saw. Unfortunately, as it was getting a bit darker, I didn’t get to see much, which makes me even more excited for tomorrow, I cannot wait to start exploring the city!

But now…I.Need.To.Sleep.






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